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Koleje Śląskie

Koleje Śląskie Sp. z o.o. provides its services based on the mission "Customer Satisfaction". The welfare of our Customers and their safety are our highest values. In order to meet the growing expectations of our Customers, improve the comfort of travel and increase the quality of services, Koleje Śląskie Sp. z o.o. in its strategy until 2020 assumes, among other things:
1. modifying tariffs and introducing new offers for sale.
2. developing mobile ticket sales channels.
3. cooperation with other public transport operators in the region, focused on synchronization of schedules and a common ticket.
4. improvement of transport offerings.
5. participation in projects such as Park&Ride, aimed at increasing the importance of rail transportation.
6. modernization of the rolling stock fleet.
7. preparation of technical facilities including washing facilities for traction vehicles.
8. modernization of vehicles in terms of Passenger Information Systems.
9. accession to the Silesian Public Services Card.
10. Improving communication with customers and greater involvement in society.
We believe that the actions taken on many levels will significantly improve the quality of our services, and their expression will be an increase in the satisfaction of our Customers with travel on Silesian Railways trains.

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